The beating heart of Pastificio Rana has always been innovation. Over the past 30 years, Gian Luca Rana is credited with becoming the driving force behind the company’s impressive growth.

Gian Luca’s philosophy behind growth is to never settle for something average. Going above and beyond is crucial to innovation, especially in the early stages of ideation. Once you’ve exhausted all new avenues of thought, then you can study the technology needed to go forward.

Once the product concept has been nailed down, the focus then shifts to creative experimentation. Gian Luca is able to develop the products of tomorrow through the continuous search for new recipes, new combinations of flavors, and even new ways to enjoy a meal.

  • Innovation in pasta making from the mind of Gian Luca Rana

The keys to innovation

During this meticulous experimentation phase, there are several key factors to consider. Selecting only the best ingredients, preserving the natural freshness of those ingredients, then applying cutting-edge technologies to ramp up production without sacrificing quality.

For Gian Luca Rana, innovation is directly linked to the pursuit of excellence. It is the fundamental driver that knows no boundaries, constantly pushing him forward. Innovation fuels the desire to experiment and create new technological processes and solutions.

One of Rana’s biggest reasons for success is their development of technology that nurtures the quality of the product above all else–despite any commercial costs.

Entry into the US market is a great example of this. Gian Luca Rana entered a stagnant, declining market, fully understanding he needed to rejuvenate the fresh pasta category that seemed irrelevant. He knew he could help Americans rediscover new products by introducing innovative recipes with double texture fillings, thanks to specially designed technology.

Gian Luca Rana's packaging revolution

For Gian Luca, offering the highest quality pasta is not enough. How could he show the average American shopper that Rana is different? The solution was to develop a totally new packaging style that threw out the traditional plastic tub in favor of a modernized, stand-up pouch. This seemingly small touch revolutionized the shelf structure and breathed life into the entire fresh pasta market.

Executing a full packaging redesign normally takes a lot of time for research, trials and testing. Doing this while at the same time entering a new market as crucial as the US proved Rana has the ability to adapt and the courage to face the unknown. This courage has paid off in only 7 years, as now Rana has become the pasta leader in a star-studded market.