We are a big family and we invest in our people, developing knowledge and expertise in a safe and inclusive environment. For us, being in business means having a role of responsibility within society and that’s why we devote ourselves to our work with passion in order to create value and build a better future together for everyone.

Our people


We believe that every business has the duty to contribute to collective progress and wellbeing. With the aim of generating shared development, the Rana Group and the Rana Family Foundation work together to identify existing social projects and create new ones.

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In 2010, the Rana Family Foundation was established, further demonstrating the social conscience of the entrepreneurship of Gian Luca Rana, CEO of Rana Group, who regards the company as a social glue that can improve the quality of life of the community.
The goal of the Foundation is the development and promotion of social projects that put the value of the individual at the centre, coordinating acts of solidarity in complete transparency in various fields: scientific research, culture, protection of the right to education, social integration, support for fragile and marginalised people. A precious focus is also represented by the appreciation of Deaf Culture, with a particular emphasis on the dissemination of the Italian Sign Language.